Limits of Legality

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“Thoughtful, careful, and impeccably researched”

Frederick Schauer, David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Virginia

“A thought-provoking new book . . . persuasively challenges lawyers, legal scholars, and laymen to reconsider some of their most deeply held values . . . will be of interest to anyone concerned with the ethics of judging.”

Harvard Law Review

“A brilliant and convincing argument”

Hans Petter Graver, Professor and former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

“A thorough, intricate, carefully considered argument . . . should be an unavoidable reference point for future research on this topic.”

Bruce G. Peabody, Professor of Political Science, Fairleigh Dickenson University

“An excellent, challenging and thought-provoking book . . . mandatory reading for anyone interested in the judicial role, the distinction and relationship between morality and the law, and the nature of the rule of law itself. . . . a philosophically insightful and daring contribution to legal theory.”

Emmet McFarlane, Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo

“Painstakingly analytical . . . an original, provocative, and illuminating contribution”

Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Professor of Law, Monash University, Australia

“No one – at least to my knowledge – has subjected the question of judicial deviations from the law for reasons of morality to anything measuring up to Brand-Ballard’s comprehensive and detailed discussion. Thus, the book is of obvious value to anyone with an interest in this question.”

Jesper Ryberg, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Law, Roskilde University, Denmark

“The most careful, systematic, exhaustive discussion of the topic I have seen . . . I cannot think of a topic or issue the author failed to discuss in sufficient detail.”

Gerald J. Postema, Cary C. Boshamer Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

“A serious analysis of the problem”

Charles R. Rice, Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame

“Impressive argumentative firepower”

David Dyzenhaus, Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Toronto

Chinese translation (China Renmin University Press, 2016)

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